Services - Digital Memories
Digital Memories is all about preserving our memories and capturing that history that is locked away in boxes under our beds and in closets. We don't need to keep our photos locked away anymore, we put them on a thumb drive so that you can share for generations to come.
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Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration is a process in which we take your photo and first look at it very closely to see if there is any imperfections like dust or possible finger prints on the image, and if so we use a cleaning technique to remove that from the image. Then we scan your image in high resolution to capture as much information as possible, then once this process has been completed then using software we start the process of color correction and repairs if needed, then saving the image for your viewing.

Photo Scanning & Repairs

Photo Scanning & Repair is one of our most popular services because our clients can bring us their photos and we scan them and do small color corrections and remove dust and debris and just keeping it simple.
We also can repair most damaged images that might have scratches and possible faded areas that just make the photo un-readable. Keep in mind that very blurry images are not always savable, so when we meet with you and go over images you will know firsthand what can or cannot be repaired.

33mm Slide Scanning

The process of Scanning 35mm slides isn’t something that most people would think is possible, however again with today’s technology is more then possible. We use a special scanning device and we will load your slides into the machine will scan each slide in high resolution. Once this process has been completed this is the time when we do color correction to bring out the slide’s true colors, although in most cases there will not be that much to correct. Once complete then we load them onto a thumb drive and supply you with a download link as well. You can be assured that each image will be looked over very carefully for any imperfections and will be corrected at no additional cost.

Negative Photo Processing

Everyone has Negatives laying around and sometimes either photos are lost and or we just don’t know what could be on them. We can do that for you, and at an amazing cost to you. We just take those and scan them into our system, and create a digital image and then using color correction when only necessary, and then transfer them to a thumb drive for your viewing. We have had clients that have been very surprised at what they have found hidden away.

  • Photo Restoration

  • $35.00Per-hour
    • Scan High Resolution
    • Color Correction
    • Thumb Drive
    • Download Link

  • Photo Scan Bulk

  • $1.35Per-Image
    • High Scan Resolution
    • Basic Color Correction
    • Thumb Drive Prints JPEG
    • Download Link

  • 33mm Slides

  • $1.87per-slide
    • Scanned High Resolution
    • Color Correction
    • Thumb Drive
    • Download Link

  • Negative Processing

  • $25.00Per-Roll
    • Scan in High Resolution
    • Processing & Color Correction
    • Thumb Drive
    • Downloadable Link