About - Digital Memories
Digital Memories is all about preserving our memories and capturing that history that is locked away in boxes under our beds and in closets. We don't need to keep our photos locked away anymore, we put them on a thumb drive so that you can share for generations to come.
Photo Restoration, Photo Repair, 35mm slides, photo scanning, photoshop, memories, Grand haven photo repair,
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I have always been a firm believer in saving memories, and this goes back to way before we had the technology to do what we can do today. It all goes back years ago when I volunteered to help clean up some storage sheds and while going through boxes after boxes I found thousands of family photos and albums, and when I asked what I should do with them, the coordinator told me to, “Toss them” I looked in the box and with my years of being a photographer, these are people’s memories, I just cannot throw away items like this, so I put them in my car got the name of the people who owned the shed and spent a number of weeks tracking them down, and returned their memories to the family.
In 2004 I had gone into business for myself and I was doing Photo Restorations and also Photo scanning which lead to producing negatives, and that company took a direction into Web Development and it wasn’t long before I just stopped doing photos.
I have often been a believer that memories and pictures deserve to be preserved in our history. When I look at pictures it’s a moment that is captured in time it’s like one of those deals where you just look at it and you just want to grasp and hold on to it stared at it and look in the eyes of the person on the other end. Family photos are so important and can be shared now with social media in websites and just bought everywhere else so why should we put those memories in boxes and storm away under our beds or in closets and This is why I chose to go back into business to help people to preserve those memories that will last a lifetime.



Possibilities of family albums that can reach around the world.