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Digital Memories is all about preserving our memories and capturing that history that is locked away in boxes under our beds and in closets. We don't need to keep our photos locked away anymore, we put them on a thumb drive so that you can share for generations to come.
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Preserve Your Memories

Everyone has photos stuffed in boxes and in photo albums and all those family vacation slides just sitting and collecting dust and taking up room, so why not try to preserve those memories and legacy’s by having them processed into digital form so you can share with family and friends? Makes sense right!

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration is a way to preserve your images in a digital form. We will take your photos and while using delicate care scan them in high resolution and if needed do color correction and remove imperfections that might be visible if at all possible.

Slide & Negative Scanning

Slides & Negatives scanning are a process in which you reproduce the image by using a scanning system that will allow us to like snap a picture in high resolution. This process is very popular with people with 35mm slides and such and soon we will be adding 8mm films to capture and transfer to DVD or other Digital forms.


Saving Families Memories

Preservation of a family legacy is important and in this day and age it means so much more to families to see where they came from. Our Grandparents and their Grandparents captured images and then storing them in family albums, and in boxes. Today is all can be brought back to life to share with family from all over the world and no need to wait for a visit. It is so important these days to preserve our memories to last for many more generations.

We can fix almost every image

We have seen a lot of photos come across our desk and some of them area almost beyond repairs, and we understand how important they are to our clients and that is why we tell them upfront if an image is beyond repair, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t try. Think about it this way, if you have tons of images in boxes and books, and a fire breaks out in your home, do you want to lose your memories to fire or even water damage?


History is so amazing and in today we have the ability to preserve our heritage and history for many years to come. In a 100 years think of what all those generations of family members will think about how they came to be.